In Calgary, my art is represented by DaDe ART & DESIGN LAB.

This gallery shows art and curates lifestyle, providing innovative and exclusive products & services that enhance living spaces.  With a distinctive product mix and presentation philosophy DaDe offers a complete product range for modern living.




Eveline Kolijn and Romy Straathof are Calgary artists with a focus on paper arts.  An Alberta Creative Development Initiative grant from the Canada Council allowed Eveline and Romy to explore producing paper from local materials through a residency at the Banff Centre. They have published their results in the paperlandscape website. Some work made in this project was showcased in the Pulp Paper Pages exhibition, Alberta Craft Council Feature Gallery Edmonton, ABApril 14 – July 7, 2012




 Living Data


Living Data contributes to a growing global project to visualise human impacts on natural climate change. Our unique contribution is an evolving visualisation of reality as a vast complex system described in simple lines of human scale.


Lisa Roberts with Martina Doblin

Oceanic Living Data
2012 Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
Digital animation cast through plankton mesh





Lynchpin – the Ocean Project was developed to support research into the significance of the oceans to life on the planet, and to encourage arts/ocean science conversations and collaborations that bring these stories to the wider community in new ways.


Sue Anderson