Hand-cut recycled polystyrene container, 2010


The first living organisms evolved in the oceans. All living beings today, carry remnants of their aquatic origins.

Climate change, driven by our consumption of fossil fuels and plastics –such as Styrofoam, alters the oceans in several ways. One is acidification, which affects corals and the primeval phyto-plankton, that bears witness of our origin, and which is still vital to life on this planet. Coral-bleaching is another consequence of the massive stresses the reefs experience due to climate change. Coral bleach, when the small symbiotic algae that reside in the coral, end their relationship with the polyp and leaves the coral structure, eventually leading to its demise. The coral also looses its color, turning as white as the coral patterns in my Styrofoam boxes….


This series continued in a larger sculpture which I lighted with LED light to infuse color back into the bleached coral.