Coral & Plants

Carbon Dioxide Molecules, etc




Plants -detail


Assorted hand-cut Styrofoam clamshell containers and cups, 2010


The most dazzling example of artistic ingeniousness in terms of medium is the stunning, all- white installation of Eveline Kolijn. Using an exacto knife, she has transformed ordinary Styrofoam containers into delicate and mesmerizingly intricate cut-out patterns that look like lace. But instead of simple decorative designs, the patterns reveal organic forms (e.g. plants, bees), reinforcing the paradox of using a ubiquitous, synthetic material associated with transience, waste, pollution and fossil fuels to conjure up the infinite complexity and fragility of nature.


Monique Westra, “Pulse: The Alberta Society of Artists at 80 Years, Galleries West, August 2011