Mesh Suite #1: Praeludium, 2011

Mesh Suite # 2: Woodland Allemande, 2011

Mesh Suite # 3: Coraline Sarabande, 2011

Mesh Suite # 4: Phytoplankton Courante, 2013

Mesh Suite # 6: Honeybee Bouree, 2012

Mesh Suite #7: Grass Gigue, 2011

Linocut-Embossing with Mica Powder, 2011- 2012


In contemporary thought, Timothy Morton defines interconnectedness in Nature as the Ecological Mesh[1]. My cut-out boxes from Styrofoam1 are a simile of this mesh and embedded with ecological meaning. The linocut-embossing is the cut-out translated into print. In both, there is equal value in the void and remaining grid. Each pattern is related to environmental issues, and connected with the movements of the musical Baroque form of the Suite.The musical form of the Suite is derived from dances and has different tempi. I chose the stately movements of the Allemande and Sarabande for slow growing coral and wood. The faster Gigue and Bouree moves with the Grasses and Bees.

The prints series has branched into many other projects, such as the Calgary Parks banners and Phytoplankton Courante installation. I have also printed parallel series in which I experimented with alternative materials in the embossings.

[1] Morton, Timothy. The Ecological Thought. Harvard University press, 2010