Eveline Kolijn

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Art and Bacteria in Heidelberg, Germany

In february 2013, I was an invited speaker for an EMBO Workshop-Conference in Heidelberg, Germany. A year before the conference, I received an email from Dr. C. Jogler, who was very interested in my etching of Planctomyces Maris, which is part of the Symbiogenesis print. He wanted to know, why I had chosen this bacterium and how I applied the detail on the...

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Coral and Limestone Gargoyles

When I visited Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, in 2011, I was fascinated by the unfinished, first and oldest Cathedral of the Americas. First building activities were started by Governor Diego Colon, Christopher Columbus’s son, around 1510. Outside the building, we found a row of gargoyles, which were obviously carved from local...

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Living Data 2013 Exhibition, Sydney Australia

Ocean Veil and Luminous Specimens I & II were pieces I made for the Living Data exhibition on ocean science and climate change. I made a suspended mesh printed with pattern of diatoms, small marine algae that are at the bottom of the food-chain and are threatened by warming and acidification of the ocean: Organised by Lisa Roberts from the UTS Sydney,...

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EMMA International Collaboration in the boreal forest of Saskatchewan, Canada

Ness Creek, Saskatchewan, August 2012.   In August 2012, I participated for the first time in Emma International Collaboration, a great event in the boreal forest of Saskatchewan. The brainchild of Mike Hosaluk and a circle of close wood-turning friends, this event happens every two years at Ness Creek in Northern Saskatchewan. One hundred artists from...

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Plastic Culture. LRT exhibition, Calgary

Open Spaces Exhibition, West LRT Platform Calgary.   Eveline Kolijn’s installation Plastic Culture features ten colourful prints from her Plastic Fungus series and constructed organisms created from found synthetic objects such as yogurt containers. Referencing fungi, which are agents of decomposition, the artist brings attention to plastic...

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Kelp & Tidepools along British Columbia’s Pacific Rim

I have been re-reading Steinbeck after a trip to the beautiful Pacific Rim coast of Vancouver Island, last summer. The catalyst was another book, which was a biography of Ed Ricketts. I found it in the giftshop of an outfitter, after a beautiful daytrip of kayaking into Clayoquot...

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