Ness Creek, Saskatchewan,

August 2012.


In August 2012, I participated for the first time in Emma International Collaboration, a great event in the boreal forest of Saskatchewan. The brainchild of Mike Hosaluk and a circle of close wood-turning friends, this event happens every two years at Ness Creek in Northern Saskatchewan. One hundred artists from Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, gather here for a week to create art and collaborate!

We all camp, eat together, and make art in the open air Рin tents or sheds which are temporarily outfitted to accommodate several craft-forms. There are woodworkers, blacksmiths, jewelers, ceramicists, stone-carvers, painters, printmakers, and multimedia-artists. The event is unplugged, which means there is no power for power tools and use of electricity is limited. Artists are free to explore whatever they feel like, and they can teach each other new skills. The idea is to create by collaborating and sharing expertise. There is an incredibly open and sharing spirit. In the end, all created artwork is sold at a public auction.

I was introduced to many new ideas and I made great new and inspiring friends!