Open Spaces Exhibition,

West LRT Platform Calgary.



Eveline Kolijn’s installation Plastic Culture features ten colourful prints from her Plastic Fungus series and constructed organisms created from found synthetic objects such as yogurt containers. Referencing fungi, which are agents of decomposition, the artist brings attention to plastic as a problematic waste material. The installation as a whole is intended to make the viewer “more aware of the actual technological value of this material and be less thoughtless and wasteful with it.”



“The benefits available through Open Spaces extend, of course, to the artists who participate in the program. Eveline Kolijn, an artist from the 2011/2012 series of exhibits, recounts how through a chance series of events (a passerby sending an image of her installation to Tasmania, of all places), she has begun a cross-continental relationship with like-minded artists and scientists half a world away.”[1]


[1] Dyck, Satcey, “Broadening Perceptions of Public Art in a Municipal Community”. INFOrm Summer 2012, Published by the Alberta Museums Association.