Ceramics, made in collaboration with Evelien Sipkes.

Collected Caribbean coral, sand and shells, Rocky Mountain coral-fossils, wooden tray  117×28 cms, 2015

In Alberta, coral reefs are ancient geological formations, in which the province’s oil-wealth is sequestered. These now fossilized reefs were formed in a tropical sea that covered the province of Alberta one hundred million years ago.

In A Beachwalk in Time, I have placed these ancient corals from the Rocky Mountains beside recent corals and shells collected from a beach in Curacao, Dutch Antilles. I collaborated with Curacao ceramic artist Evelien Sipkes to create possible new species, contemplating on this wonderful path of Evolution and the environmental changes we are witnessing today. Although ceramic, the specimen seem to return to life when dipped into the surf at the Edge of the Sea; this fluid borderline of geography, where ocean meets land.