Cut and stripped willow branch, 2011

Moonwillow, Cut and stripped willow branch, 2011

Tattoo Branch, stripped willow branch with drawing of Black Liquor, 2011


To contrast the rough grey bark of the willow with its pale, inner-wood, I started to carve a wood-pattern, artificially mimicking Nature. Thus, the branch became a metaphor of the Anthropocene; the newly emerging geological epoch of human imprint. Imagine an arborescent trajectory, in which the lower, uncarved branch represents the past stage of nature, undisturbed by human impact, to which we cannot return. Which route we will follow towards the forking top-branches? Continue the Anthropocene in a somewhat managed manner, with undisturbed areas left, or create large changes and the last flecks of the nature will disappear, which leaves us with a naked branch?