Handcut Styrofoam panels, plexiglas, multicolor LED lighting, 105 x 65 x 10 cm, 2015-2016

Breath of Life is a memorial to celebrate life and connectedness. It knits together symbolism of the Tree of Life and the Bronchial Tree in our lungs, which provides us with life-giving breath. Each breath we take, in close observation, is a tribute to those who have passed, each breath a memory of one we have lost. In the vigil, we keep and cherish the memories to those who have breathed before us alive.

This piece was created in commission for the Equinox Vigil, an annual event held each autumn in Union Cemetery, Calgary’s oldest burial ground and a sanctuary of tranquility in the heart of the city. There, surrounded by fluttering prayer flags, fresh flowers and glowing lanterns, the public is invited to pay respect to their deceased loved ones and ancestors in creative and meaningful ways.
Colourful shrines and art installations created by professional artists form the heart of the Equinox Vigil experience. But this is not art as displayed in a gallery setting; rather these artworks come alive through public participation.

Photo credits: Kelly Bamford (image 2,5),  Aran Wilkinson-Blanc ( image 3,4,6), Monique St. Croix-Unique Perspectives (image 7, 8).