Linocut and Etching, 2022

This print was created for the Amalgama Gráfica contemporánea Internacional II portfolio which was published in 2022 by Fermín Santos Lopez.

Current, living reefs are severely affected by climate change. Rise of temperature, increasing acidity of the oceans, overfishing and pollution have caused three quarters of the world’s reefs to decline, die or bleach. It has been an intensely personal experience to witness the devastating effects of climate change and other human-made environmental stresses on the coral reefs.

The image for this portfolio is the final version of a concept I have been working on for a while. It connects a “memento mori” with the beautiful patterns of corals. A brain coral with an actual skull anthropomorphizes the corals,  signaling the deadly consequences of human interference  for the coral reefs, while raising awareness of our impact and calling us to appreciate the beauty of nature which sustains us.