Linocut embossing with mica powder on Hanji paper

Linocut embossing with wax on Kozo paper

Linocut embossing with ground bee-pollen



The Honey Bee Bourree print from the Mesh Suites series, called for more experimentation with printing with natural materials. It was very tricky to pull a proper print with beeswax, in which I tried to fuse melted wax on the surface area of a linocut which ususally receives the ink.

Following my succesful method of applying powdered mica and ground metallurgical coal, I also ground bee-pollen and printed them in the same embossed manner. The pollen I used were bought in an organic food-store, where they are for sale as a food supplement. Bee pollen have a dark honey color and I noticed that the color faded in time and reverted back to the more delicate color of pollen that come straight from the stamens.