Installation of cut, recycled yoghurt cups, 2011


In 2006, the City of Calgary did not have a household recycling program for plastics yet. I felt frustrated in my attempts to recycle PVC materials and decided to create Plastic Fungus, an installation with my own agents of decomposition, constructed from empty yoghurt containers. I photographed some elements of this installation and used them for this series of screenprints, placing the photographed plastic elements against a hand-drawn backdrop of fungi.


We live in a’ plastic society’ with a high level of plastic-dependence.It is hard to imagine an alternative material with the same versatile uses as plastic. We should become more aware of the high-tech value of this material and be less thoughtless and wasteful with it. Many people ease their environmental conscience with the act of recycling. However, plastic remains a problematic waste material, because most of it is not yet biodegradable and does not get recycled. Most plastic waste disintegrates into very fine particles, which amass into and pollute our environment.

The best solution is not to have to recycle in the first place! Being smarter and reducing the amount of materials we discard will be a good start.