Letterpress, Digital Printer, Found Table Legs, Linocut, Digital Prints on Paper, Styrofoam, Plastic Tubing, Plastic Sheet and IKEA Lights, 2010


This installation was created for the Laboratory of Feminist Pataphysiscs, and connects the exhibition-theme of ateliers and growing gardens with my personal practise of printmaking, and use of found materials. It explores the relationship between object and its digital image. Digital printing has introduced the dilemma of how to assess the digital image as end in itself.The artist gets confronted with the decision to keep an image digital or to manipulate it with hand-printed methods.

I have reproduced my personal iconography of marine organisms in several media: hand-drawn, as a cut-out, a stencil, linocut, and digital image. I have also obsessively covered the tools of my trade, a letterpress and a digital printer, with this pattern.

Out of the digital printer, constructed three-dimensional micro-organisms from plastic tubing and lights will grow, like phosphorescent fungi, anticipating a future of printmaking with the budding new technology of three-dimensional printing.