The Ocean Inside

I have been honoured to be included in the international blog Artists and Climate Change, with an excellent piece written by Susan Hoffman Fishman. She discussed my Ocean Inside project and recently finished Tidalectics Portfolio.

Susan Hoffman Fishman 

November 23, 2020 

Dutch-Canadian printmaker Eveline Kolijn grew up in the Caribbean where she developed an enduring interest in natural history and the environment, as well as a love of the ocean. Having spent a great deal of her childhood scuba diving in the coral reefs, she originally thought of becoming a marine biologist before her life took her in another direction.

In 1997, Kolijn emigrated to Calgary, Alberta, a land-locked province in Western Canada where she established her printmaking practice. During her explorations of the region, she visited areas in the Canadian Rockies that were riddled with coral fossils dating back millions of years to a time when the land encompassing Alberta was a tropical sea. Similar in structure to the living corals in the Caribbean today, the coral fossils reinforced Kolijn’s ongoing interest in coral reefs and her concern about the current degradation of the beautiful reefs that she had known as a child. 

Repeated visits to the Island of Curaçao, where her parents had settled and where the reefs had deteriorated to a disturbing level from the effects of the climate crisis and other environmental stresses, motivated her to begin what was to become a three-year project that she called The Ocean Inside. The name acknowledges that even in a place where the sea is nowhere to be seen, in the “inside” of her country, there is evidence of sea life.  

Coral fossils from the Rocky Mountains (200 million years old)

Contemporary coral beach with ceramic pieces

View on Helen Lake, Banff National Park, Canada

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