A Beachwalk in Time

Ceramics, Caribbean coral, sand and shells, Rocky Mountain coral-fossils, wooden tray 117×28 cm, 2015

In a Beachwalk in Time, I have placed ancient coral fossils from the Rocky Mountains beside recent corals and shells collected from a beach in Curaçao, a Caribbean island. It is quite amazing to see how similar the 200 million-year-old fossils are compared to the recent coral pipes found on the beach today.

The ceramic pieces are the result of a playful experiment with Curaçao-based artist Evelien Sipkes. They were not meant to be finished pieces, but they turned to life when dipped into the surf at the Edge of the Sea; this fluid borderline of geography, where ocean meets land.

The ceramics were not meant to be finished pieces. They have flaws and imperfections and were perfectly at home between the coral rubble and broken shells on the beach. The photographs I took are now a series of digital prints on archival paper.

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