Ammonite Aria

Laser cut plexiglass, 80 x 65 x 1.5 cm, 2019

I have created cut-out art in repurposed Styrofoam cups and clamshell containers and organic materials such as branches. A difference in materials influences the outcome of the work. I wanted to find know if the visual impact of my cut-out art further shifts once I let go of the hand-making, and have my designs laser cut. By using industrial applications, I will relinquish my “making-thinking” control towards a fabricator. There is a straight perfection in the laser-cut, that I am never achieving with the hand-cut option.

The translucent quality of plexiglass invited the finished piece to be placed in a landscape. Light catching the edges brings it to life. From the snowbound location of its making, this piece found a home in the Caribbean, on permanent display in the Cathedral of Thorns.

"Island life is a continuous dynamic between sea and land. We also observe this through geological time. Ammonites are species of floating shells that lived in the sea millions of years ago. They do not exist anymore and fossilised into stone, to become part of the land. From Sea to Land. Land, that feeds trees. Trees, like the thorny Wabi in Curaçao."

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