Breath of Life

Digital Print with Cutout on archival paper, 48 x 33 cm, 2014

Breath of Life I
Breath of Life II

The prints are the flat, paper version of the Breath-of-Life lamps, that depict respiration. The interlocking design of IKEA lamps gave me the idea to express the metabolism of breath, with an embracing design.

The patterns on the lamps were first drawn in pencil, then scanned and digitally coloured in Photoshop. The resulting images are printed on archival cotton rag paper. The center element is hand-cut and bracketed between the outer elements. Pink lung tissue in various states of magnification embraces leaf tissue and chloroplasts; and vice versa.

Iron (Fe) is at the centre of hemoglobin, the substance in our blood that binds with the oxygen. It is also the component that turns our blood red. It is fascinating, how similar the structure is of chlorophyll with magnesium (Mg) at its center, which turns it green.

“Consistent with the artist’s interest in the components of life and its structural forms, Breath of Life is inspired by the structure of Heme, the component that colours blood red, as well as the structure of chlorophyll found in plants that colours plant structures green.”

Colleen Sharpe, Curator

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