Breath of Light – Installation

Digital print on backlight film, hand cut and constructed into an installation of 24 lamps, each measuring 25 x 25 cm, 2014

Visual arts, bio-science, light-design and engineering combine in this installation of 24 programmed LED lit handmade lamps that symbolize the metabolism of the Oxygen-Carbon Dioxide cycle. The lamps were made following a lung cancer research residency at the Norris Cancer Centre at the University of Southern California in 2013.

Brian Queen designed and fabricated the installation frame, lighting and programming of the LED lights. Brian is a papermaker, an inventor and the proprietor of Sensalight Design in Calgary.

I created the lamps and the concept of the installation. The lamps are made of interlocking elements, that depict lung tissue in various states of magnification or leaf and algae tissue; in particular the chloroplasts, small organelles in the plants that produce the oxygen. The patterns on the lamps were first drawn in pencil, then scanned into Photoshop and digitally coloured. The images are printed on backlight film, hand-cut and -assembled.

The lightwave travelling through the installation symbolizes connectedness and the exchange of life giving oxygen between us and photosynthesizing organisms. It flows between the pink-lung –, and the green-plant lamps, mingling in the middle, pink-green lamps.

The light installation premiered at Calgary's GLOW Winter festival in 2017.
The lights were shown in the Cathedral of Thorns in Curaçao in 2022.

A short video on creating the installation. It also shows the light flow moving through the installation.

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