Coral Kaleidocycle

Linocut, 56 x 76 cm,

and constructed: 25 x25x18 cm, 2008

Kaleidocycles are mathematical structures invented by Wallace Walker in 1958. The simplest kaleidocycle is a closed ring of an even number of tetrahedra, which can be continually rotated inwards or outwards, showing different sides of each tetrahedron. On this page are the “floorplans” of my kaleidocycles, on the following pages the prints are folded and assembled into the object.

Constructed Kaleidocycles

My kaleidocycle depicts the life cycle of coral, on each turn a different stage is shown:
the solid, calcified coral, the polyp, the tentacles of the reproduced planula and the free
floating, jellyfish-like planula before it settles and solidifies again.
Pollution and rising sea temperatures have disrupted this cycle with the result that more than
sixty percent of the world’s reefs are bleached and diminishing.

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