Facets of Transition/ Transition Prism

Etching on BFK Rives paper, 2023, 48.3 x 33 cm and constructed, 14 x 14 x14 cm.

The flat print can be constructed into an object. Each facet depicts an aspect of the climate goal to decarbonize and move towards a net-zero society. The print is part of the Energy Futures Portfolio, and published in the book: Reimagining Fire. The Future of Energy.

We have become accustomed to fossil fuels with a high concentration of carbon and energy flowing through centralized refining and power-generating hubs, which are distributing energy to the consumer.

Low-emissions, renewable energy sources have a more diffuse nature and much lower potential energy. They function best in a decentralized system with various modes of local energy generation, and production in small units near the consumer. Energy can come from solar, wind, geothermal heat, water, hydrogen, or any technology we may still develop. Decarbonized fossil fuels and nuclear energy may still be used in limited amounts, but they won’t drive the system. This multifaceted model must be managed by smart AI systems that gauge consumption, production, and storage to shunt the energy within this network in time from producers to consumers.

When we learn to operate this decentralized and decarbonized paradigm with proper environmental controls, reduction of wasteful behaviour and a more holistic and imaginative worldview, we can move towards a multifaceted society that is sustainable and equitable.

QR Code to download free PDF file. Construct your own Transition Prism. Suggested output size: 11 x 17” or 13 x 19”

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