Delicate Balance

Etching, Chine-collé on MDF, handcut zinc Plate, Pivot & Pulley, 91 x 122 x 20 cm, 2008

This installation is interactive. The hand-cut zinc plate is mounted in front of the prints from the plate on a bicycle axle. The viewer can engage with and alter the balance of the tree by pulling the string that is attached to the plate with a pulley, just like our actions have an impact on our natural environment.

Beautiful shapes of plant-life and marine-organisms, which inform my art, are encountered in forests and coral reefs. They are the major carbon-binding organisms on our planet and labelled as carbon-sinks. Fossilised forests and reefs in ancient soil are sequestered carbon in the form of coal, oil and limestone. To satisfy the energy needs of our society, we are releasing this carbon back into the atmosphere at an unprecedented rate, clearly changing the current balance of our planet.

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