Metabolic Rift

Linocut on folded paper, 2015

This body of work resulted from a residency in the Vorres Museum of Contemporary Art in Greece in 2015. The iconography in the print Metabolic Rift is derived from the contemporary art collection of the Vorres Museum and the classical ornaments found in the gardens of the museum grounds.

Karl Marx coined the term “metabolic rift” to define the disconnect that capitalism creates between social and natural systems, between humans and nature. This rift, he claimed, led to the exploitation of the environment and an ecological crisis. Contemporary Eco-Marxism has adopted this concept to update Marxism in an ecological context. Capital is the main driver that causes a rift in the natural metabolism between humans and their environment, eventually leading to degradation. Humans are part of nature and form social societies with a metabolism similar to that of an organism.

Garden of Hesperides, linocut, 2015

Museo Vorres Iconography, linocut, 2015

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