Ocean Respiration

A triptych of three printed veils, 2023

Center veil: Linocut printed with phosphorescent pigment on plankton collecting mesh (300 x 240 cm) Side veils: Linocut printed with phosphorescent pigment on black-blue polyester voile (225 x 150 cm), UV LED lights.

The Ocean Veil merges ideas of art and science with a marine algae-inspired pattern printed on the fabric of a plankton research collecting net.

The phosphorescent powder echoes the bioluminescence of ocean creatures while the thin suspended material is a reminder of the sensitivity of life to its environment.

Every second breath we take comes from the Ocean

The above fact is the foundation for this glow-in-the-dark print installation, in which I combined a few existing pieces with new glow-in-the-dark works. The piece was created for the “Ocean’s Breath” exhibition in the Herakleidon Museum in Athens, Greece.

Ocean Respiration features linocut on fabric with doped Europium pigments. Plankton motifs are printed on strips of plankton collecting fabric, which I obtained from the Sir Alister Hardy Foundation of Ocean Science in Plymouth in 2014. These fabric strips form an area of 1.6 by 3 meters and cascade down the centre, flanked on both sides by glow-in-the-dark lungs, The lungs show one healthy and one deceased side, as a metaphor of the state of our ocean health.

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