City of Romance

A map of the Literary World of 1920s Calgary, 2022

City of Romance is the seventh map in the Calgary Atlas Project series. I created the imagery for the map based on the written information by writer-historian Shaun Hunter. Pencil drawings of characters and objects were digitally coloured and arranged against the backdrop of a 1924 map of the City of Calgary.

The Calgary Atlas Project seeks to recover crucial stories about Calgary’s past and present, stories that illuminate in surprising ways the character and diversity of the city.  Forgotten or overlooked stories from Calgary’s history are mapped onto the city’s geography, highlighting significant sites, events, and people in Calgary’s past.

A captivating and diverse cast of literary personalities called 1920s Calgary home, including a Chinese-Canadian novelist who made her name masquerading as Japanese, a mixed-race writer from North Carolina who fashioned a Blackfoot identity, and an Icelandic-Canadian bent on literary fame. Here lived a crusading feminist who wrote bestselling fiction, a car-crazy war correspondent, a policeman-novelist, and a posse of pioneering female journalists pursuing success. Many of these characters and other city writers were enjoying international acclaim.

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