Deep Cold on 11A

Print(ed) Word —
12 artists, inspired by the texts of 12 writers, created twelve artist books. 2017

In 2017, Alberta Printmakers and Loft 112 initiated Print(ed) Word to explore book-inspired relationships: art from text, artist with writer, art book and reader. The result was a collaboration between a selection of 12 Alberta printmakers and 12 writers, each paired to create a collaborative artist book inspired by an existing text.

Author Aritha van Herk and artist Eveline Kolijn collaborated on the short story: “Deep Cold on 11A”, which is part of the Print(ED) Word project, curated by Alberta printmakers and Loft 112 in Calgary. This project is on a permanent exhibition at the Calgary Public Library.

Part 2 of Print(ed) Word, featuring Aritha Van Herk (Writer) and Eveline Kolijn (Artist & Printmaker).
Print(ed) Word is a documentary that highlights the project of the same name that explored book-inspired relationships and the partnership between 12 authors and printmakers. The permanent exhibit is located on Level Four in the west vestibule of the TD Great Reading Room in the Central Library.

Book Project with Aritha van Herk

Deep Cold on 11a by Aritha van Herk was such a multilayered and rich story, that I decided to visualize it as one very large print on a folded page. I used the zigzag structure of the folded page as a literal, physical translation of the many facets of the story.

I created two linocuts based on the story. One depicts the homes with the wintery atmosphere, the other the characters and objects in the story. Each linocut has been cut into zigzag patterns to fit the planned folding pattern. In this series, I printed each linocut on its own, and two versions of combined linocuts: a flat and a folded version. On the folded version I printed text from the story on top of the lino print with photopolymer relief. The folded print version is compressed – harmonica style, and housed in an elongated, stiff cover.

In this short presentation, Eveline talks about the collaboration and how she designed the folded story and its book cover.

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