Embryons Desséchés


Etchings in three movements on cotton rag and handmade papers:

d’Holothurie; d’Edriophthalma; de Podophthalma, 25 x 25 cm, 2014

They are printed in a duotone on delicate Japanese Gampi paper and pasted “Chine-collé” on archival rag paper. Some versions are printed on handmade paper from Papeterie St. Armand in Montreal. These versions include a photopolymer print with the first lines of the musical score. There is also the option to get all three images pasted on one sheet, as a triptych, paper size 38 x 28 cm.

A set of three single prints receives a 10% discount. Apply coupon code at checkout:  BUY 3 -10%


The titles are derived from a musical piece (1913) by composer Erik Satie, whose music I heard performed September 2014 at the Honens Piano Festival in Calgary. When a composer names the movements of his mini-sonata after humble aquatic creatures such as a sea cucumber and lowly crustaceans, I notice that! The pieces are a playful commentary on and appropriations of contemporary popular songs, and music by Chopin and Beethoven.

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