Peyto Rock


Etching on cream white archival rag paper, 38 x 28 cm, 2003

The printed edition is 25. This is a two-layer print with a gradient colour from burnt sienna to orange ochre, with the etching printed in dark brown. The view from the Peyto glacier in the Rocky Mountains towards the lake inspired the image. The rocks in that area are striated with vibrant orange and grey colours.

“Recently my wife and I bought our first piece of art—an intaglio print by Calgary artist and ACAD instructor Eveline Kolijn. The top half shows a Rocky Mountain lake in the distance, but it was the bottom half that grabbed me: swirling, heaving rock, all ribbons and broken pieces, organic and fluid and studded with what might be trilobites (or squids’ eyes?). The rock is in the foreground, seemingly subsurface; I can’t decide if the image is a cutaway. Was this the artist’s intention? Who knows. But the print does depict Alberta, where what lies beneath—literally and metaphorically—is more complex than many people realize.” – Alberta Views Magazine, 2013


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