Seasons of the Universe


Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

Extra large Etching, image size 92 x 61 cm;

paper size 102 x 76 cm, 2009

Large etchings on thick, archival cotton rag paper. The image was etched in steel and printed in two colour layers. Each of the four colour variations in this edition represents a “Season in the Universe”. The available prints are Artist Proofs of the chosen colour variations. Edition number not established.



“According to the new physics, observer and observed are somehow connected…..John Wheeler, one of Bohr’s students, subsequently expanded Bohr’s duality, proposing that Mind and Universe, like wave and particle, constitute another complementary pair. Wheeler’s theory proposes a connection between the inner realm of consciousness (Mind) and its reciprocal, the external world of senses (Universe). According to Wheeler, Mind and Universe are inextricably integrated.” [1]

[1]  Shlain, Leonard. Art & Physics. Parallel vision in Space, Time and Light. New york: Perennial, 1993, 23

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