“Unlocking Lymphoma Pathways” and other Publication Covers

My art has been used on the cover of scientific publications, and I have also been invited to create specific art for covers. This always triggers a short period of informing myself on the content of the publication and leads me to learn more about all this wonderful biology. I recently completed my latest cover for a PhD thesis on using immunogenetics and protein markers for the early detection of lymphoma.

I have designed other covers on evolutionary theory and microbiology. The cover for the publication Genome Research used an existing etching, “Mitochondria”, from my Symbiogenesis series.

Another project that has been published in many publications, is “A Virus from Outer Space” by poet Christian Bök, for whom I visualized his concept, before he had executed and finished it.

Word Protein, digital print on archival paper, 50 x 50 cm. "A Virus from Outerspace" project, 2007.

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